Dodgy Scraps
Dodgy Scraps
Dodgy Scraps
Dodgy Scraps
Dodgy Scraps
Dodgy Scraps

Dodgy Paper

Dodgy Scraps

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Straight from the dodgy labs of the Pulp Professor, this pack of Dodgy Paper has travelled through time and space from Melbourne, Australia all the way to the laps of the nerds here at Bracken.

Dodgy Scraps is the bread and butter of Dodgy Paper, with enough uniformity to be versatile but also enough little details and bits and bobs to be their own work of art.

Rebuilt as seamless 2k textures, these digital textures of Dodgy Paper open up a whole new world of texture and pulpy goodness. Available as both JPG Textures and Photoshop Patterns, these are super flexible and can be used in heaps of different art applications!

What's Included
  • 20 Dodgy Scraps JPG Textures
  • 20 Dodgy Scraps Photoshop Patterns

feature 01

Totally Seamless

With seamless textures, you can tile and layer up textures with no harsh edges. Perfect for 3D texturing!

Feature 02

Super Versatile

Slap them in a game engine. Pop them in After Effects. Make them your background on your website. Seamless JPG textures are mega flexible for any digital use!

Feature 03

Certified Dodgy

Straight from the Pulp Professor himself, these textures have been created from the very dodgiest of past batches of Dodgy Paper

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The Pulp Professor explains Dodgy Paper

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Flemister (Phoenix, US)
Love these

Incredible! The detail and variety is insane! Just have played around so far but can’t wait to use them for real! The .PAT uploaded great.

Pedro.Exif (Melbourne, AU)
It's dope

I do a lot of digital mixed media, and dodgy scraps has saved me so much time. I love it because there's infinite uses for it, and I'll never have the same canvas/background twice

Ren (Seattle, US)
Texture That I cant find anywhere else!

Great and different style of paper packs that are high quality and interesting! Awesome!

Stay Dodgy

Nothing beats the real thing...

This digital product is a collaboration with Dodgy Paper. An amazing Aussie Paper Maker, using heaps of different scraps and materials to make beautiful paper for artists. (It's outragously cool stuff!)