Dodgy Edger Brushes
Dodgy Edger Brushes
Dodgy Edger Brushes
Dodgy Edger Brushes
Dodgy Edger Brushes
Dodgy Edger Brushes

Dodgy Paper

Dodgy Edger Brushes

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Straight from the dodgy labs of the Pulp Professor, these brushes are made to emulate the iconic deckle edge of all of Dodgy's sheets.

Dodgy Edger Brushes is like creating a fresh crispy sheet of handmade paper in just a few clicks. Create that real fluffy, chunky edge and add realism to your layers instantly. 

Built from the real deal itself, these Dodgy Edger brushes harness the 'live' edge of handmade paper, and let you slap it on any layer or group in Photoshop in just a couple of clicks!

What's Included
  • 18 Dodgy Edger Brushes
  • Installation Guide

feature 01

Realistic Edge

Create a realistic deckle edge in just one click using any of the 18 unique brushes.

Feature 02

Dead Easy

Just use the brushes in a layer mask of a layer or group and create that super dodgy edge.

Feature 03

DIY Dodge

Build your own dodgy paper sheets by combining these brushes with the seamless Dodgy Paper textures.

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The Pulp Professor explains Dodgy Paper

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is one of the coolest brushes I have come across!

Carl Maddden
No Brainer...

Incredible and magical brushes, as expected! The most authentic effect I've ever seen in a brush, mind blowing! Not that I am surprised, EVERY product is always so well done with knowledge of how much they will help designers!

Stay Dodgy

Nothing beats the real thing...

This digital product is a collaboration with Dodgy Paper. An amazing Aussie Paper Maker, using heaps of different scraps and materials to make beautiful paper for artists. (It's outragously cool stuff!)