Super Riso - Bracken
Super Riso
Super Riso - Bracken
Super Riso - Bracken
Super Riso - Bracken
Super Riso - Bracken
Super Riso - Bracken
Super Riso - Bracken

Super Riso

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Risograph Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop



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There's just something about Riso. Whether it's the colours, the texture or just the general aesthetic, it's all just a few clicks away with these layer styles!

Turn photographs into striking print pieces or layer up your illustrations and use colour blending to create new secondary and tertiary hues to add depth and complexity with only a few base colours. Don't be limited by smart objects or pre built PSDs, these layer styles will work in any document and on any layer type. Giving you freedom and peace of mind as they keep everything live and non destructive!

What's Included?

164 Super Riso Layer Styles Broken down into 6 Categories

  • 14 Ink Overlays
  • 150 Riso Ink Grains
    • 30 Grain (Dirty)
    • 30 Grain (Fine)
    • 30 Grain (Rough)
    • 30 Diffusion
    • 30 Halftone

8 Utility Actions

1 Instructional PDF

1 Colour Guide

1 BONUS Seamless Paper Texture

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feature 01

Built to be Non Destructive

These styles apply realistic colour, blending and texture, all whilst not damaging image, groups or live type. Meaning you can make changes on the fly and never commit to a flattened mess of a photoshop file.

Feature 02

1 Click Riso Effect

Select your layer or group and then pick a style from the list. Want to add more colours and texture? Just a few more clicks to create super complex print compositions in no time!

Feature 03

Realistic colour blending

Using blending modes and grain patterns, you can create realistic ink blending just like you would find with real Riso. Perfect for testing designs digitally before you go to print for real!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Jia Kim

Super Riso

Jeremy D.
I didn't know what it meant to be fully alive until I tried Super Riso from Bracken...

Oh hey! I'm just over here mixing and matching layer styles like I'm at a buffet with unlimited access to dipping sauce. Super Riso has shown me a world of possibility I never knew was there. Use it a little or use it a lot- it will quickly become a valuable tool in your shed for adding extra life to any project.
10/5 stars.

Nick Monroe
Beautiful effect that’s easy to use!

I’ve always loved the risograph aesthetic and this is by far the best way to integrate it into your Photoshop workflow. Super easy to use and the effect is great!

Jeff Klarin
Really Riso

Bracken gives you the goods, the subtleties and the execution strategy to make prints that really look RISO!


Loving the results! Super realistic and fun to play with the color combos