Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge
Sketch & Smudge


Sketch & Smudge

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72 Pencil and Smudge Brushes for Adobe Photoshop



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If Man's best friend is a dog, then an artist's best friend is definitely a pencil. (oh, and heaps of imposter syndrome)

These Photoshop brushes will give you all of the quirks and mess of pencils, graphite sticks and charcoal. Then, use the included Smudge brushes to dial up the realism to 11, even on live type and images. 👀

Where you are a designer wanting to add a little analogue scribble onto your work or an artists wanting to take your pencil sketches into the digital realm, you'll have a hoot with these brushes! 🙌

What's Included?

72 Photoshop Brushes Broken down into 4 Categories

  • 9 Classic Pencils (Tablet & Mouse Versions)
  • 29 Mixed Pencils (Tablet & Mouse Versions)
  • 4 Charcoals (Tablet & Mouse Versions)
  • 10 Shaders (Tablet & Mouse Versions)
  • 2 Messy Marks
  • 18 Smudge Brushes

1 Seamless Paper Texture

Installation Guide PDF

feature 01

Dead Realistic

You're going to think your hands need a wash after using these little devils...

Feature 02

No Tablet Required

Get a full range of shading from just one drag of your mouse (or trackpad if you are a glutton for punishment 👀)

Feature 03

Smudge anything in sight

Use the included smudge brushes to smear and blur any layer and make a real(istic) mess.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is the best pencil brush I've ever used!! and it also comes with a paper jpg texture. Very thoughtful. I love it!


Fantastic set of brushes!

winnie su
The Best

The best effect saved me alot of time

Carl Maddden
Another incredible tool!

This is crazy! Killer effects on a separate layer (so non destructive) which blew my mind! Having so much fun with the smudge brushes, you've done it again, epic work!!

Kevin jones
Totally awesome

Bracken has quickly become my favorite. I was really looking forward to these brushes and bought them the second they dropped. They are totally awesome and have added a lot of fun and are sparking a lot of creativity for me! I’m still new so I don’t think sharing my art would do them justice haha