Sandpaper - Bracken
Sandpaper - Bracken
Sandpaper - Bracken
Sandpaper - Bracken
Sandpaper - Bracken
Sandpaper - Bracken



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18 Seamless Textures for All Apps



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Paper textures are an essential item when it comes to textural design work, but they can often not be very versatile... well, that's where Bracken's Seamless Paper Textures come in. These textures come as 4K square JPGs as well as photoshop patterns, making them move and grow with your canvas as your work evolves.

The Sandpaper Pack

Sometimes paper textures doesn't always mean soft cushy white paper, it sometimes has to be rough'n'ready sandpaper to add some utilitarian grunge and grit to a piece, effortlessly.

What's Included?
  • 18 Seamless Paper Texture Patterns (Photoshop .pat file)
  • 18 Square 4K (4096 x 4096px) JPGs
  • Reference Sheet
  • Instruction guide

feature 01

High Resolution

Even up close, these textures are super crisp because they are all 4K resolution textures.

Feature 02

Seamless Textures

With these textures, you'll never run out of paper, just put them side by side to keep the fun coming.

Feature 03

Wicked Variations

Ranging from 40 Grit to 5000 Grit, no matter what mood you're in, it's easy to find the right texture.