Printed Textures - Bracken
Printed Textures - Bracken
Printed Textures - Bracken
Printed Textures - Bracken
Printed Textures - Bracken
Printed Textures - Bracken
Printed Textures - Bracken

Printed Textures

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113 Textures & Assets for All Apps



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Do you often salivate at a lovely bit of printed type? Can you smell the ink when you see a lovely gritty grainy print texture? Do you wish you had a printing press in your laptop?

Look no further for delightful grungy printed goodness! With over 100 textures, assets and tools, all meticulously created, you'll be unstoppable in creating a soft analogue grunge look for any design work.

What's Included?

86 Beautiful PNG Print Textures Broken down into 4 Categories

  • 41 Brushed Inks
  • 16 Rolled Inks (Dry)
  • 13 Rolled Inks (Wet)
  • 6 Toner Inks

24 PNG Assets Broken down into 2 Categories

  • 10 Packaging Assets
  • 14 Printer & Registration Marks

3 Photoshop 'Printed' Actions

Extra Utility Actions for easily changing file dpi

feature 01

High Res

These textures are outrageously high res and allow you to work at any scale

Feature 02

Super Versatile

PNG textures allow for transparency and can be used in any design app

Feature 03

Extra Assets

Includes a set of Photoshop Actions for type distortion and PNG assets

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julian Ligon

Printed Textures


As someone who's currently experimenting with digital art/typography designs, I'm happy to say that this pack of texture and tool are extremely helpful. Perfectly, compliments my own art style. Quite hard to use or work around at the beginning but got used to it within hours. Thank you for the pack!


I'm keen on typography and this pack is my favorite one. Especially if I want to come up with the old style and smell of my artwork with tiny manual adjustments and those very nice add-ons, like bleed marks. Thank you, Tim Saunders

Lydia Witt

I absolutely love these. I've been using them pretty regularly, and as a printmaker + graphic designer they really compliment my style! Thank you!

Robert Colin

Excellent printed ink textures & tools thanks.