Grubby Surface
Grubby Surface
Grubby Surface
Grubby Surface
Grubby Surface
Grubby Surface
Grubby Surface


Grubby Surface

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56 Seamless Textures for All Apps



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Computers make things too clean, lets change that...

Easily add fingerprints, water spills, and all sorts of grime to your 2D and 3D projects with these seamless textures!

With a mixture of real scans and procedurally generated grunge, you have everything you need to add subtle realism to any design. Want to add some subtle finger print smudges to a printed design? Easy. Adding some scanner grit and grain to your photos? Simple.

What's Included
  • 56 Grimey 4K 16bit PNG Textures
    Broken down into 8 categories
    • 7 Dirty Scans
    • 7 Fingerprints
    • 7 Fingerprints (Smudged)
    • 7 Grit & Grain
    • 7 Hair
    • 7 Liquid
    • 7 Liquid (Wiped)
    • 7 Vignettes
  • Installation Guide
  • BONUS Paper Textures & Tape PNGs

feature 01

Perfect for 3D

Pipe these textures into the roughness channel of a material and you're rip roaring!

Feature 02

4K 16Bit Seamless Textures

Super high res seamless textures allow for flexibility as well as lovely crispy detail

Feature 03


Varied textures can be layered to make the ultimate mega grunge texture