Broken Scanner
Broken Scanner
Broken Scanner
Broken Scanner
Broken Scanner
Broken Scanner


Broken Scanner

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80 JPG Scanner Textures for All Apps



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What's better than a good scanner? A broken scanner. The gnarly gritty textures that come out of misused scanners and photocopiers are delicious!

Get you gritty grainy analogue head on and enjoy these textures and all of their perfect imperfections.

What's Included?
  • 80 Crisp JPG Scanner Textures
    Broken down into 6 Categories
    • 19 Glitch
    • 3 Miscellaneous
    • 4 Mouldy
    • 17 Noise
    • 13 Streaks
    • 15 Seamless
  • 15 Photoshop Seamless Patterns

feature 01

High Resolution

These textures are so crispy and high res that they'll make you feel rude for staring

Feature 02


Is this word? Not sure... But get mixing and make some super textures

Feature 03

Super Versitile

These textures don't just have to be used to make photos gritty, get creative with it!