Isn't Bracken a plant?

It absolutely is... however it is also your new secret weapon to creating rip roaring wicked work in no time at all.

Ey up, I'm Tim πŸ‘‹

Texture nerd through and through, I started Bracken as a way to justify spending countless hours tinkereing with scanners and photoshop settings... With a background in Letterpress printing, game design and graphic design I'm a mixed bag of textural design loveliness. I'm a 600dpi kinda chap.

I hope you find something you like on the site, and if you do pick anything up, I hope you have a hoot with it!

so, that just leaves me to say...

Welcome to the dark side.

Paper sniffers and ink drinkers, all are welcome on this magical mystery tour of all things textural! β™₯